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    Students and their experiences are at the heart of NOBLE HIGH SCHOOL’s vision which defines our goals and ambitions. Students deserve a high quality education with an accessible and innovative curriculum. We believe that education should enhance students’ abilities to explore and question the nature of phenomena in the world around them.

    For all school years, we provide a knowledge and skills-based curriculum framework, which shares some common aims and objectives with the national curriculum. Our curriculum builds a sound foundation for future learning. The curriculum delivery methodology in the secondary school classrooms encourages a student-centred approach that, in keeping with national and International Examinations’ expectations, puts “the student at the heart of the learning process enabling them to play an active role in their own development”. Our expectation, therefore, is that when students have completed their secondary school studies, they do not have just a mastery of content but are also able to analyse, look at texts critically, make connections between subjects, and write effectively.

    · NHSB curriculum documents for various subjects adopt a skills-based approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum, as such, is spiral in nature, i.e. the same concepts and skills will be taught at various times across the grades, but with increasing levels of complexity and sophistication as we move up.

    Islamic studies (Madrasa)

    “Never compromise your values.”

    A separate, well organized Islamic Madrassa system is followed in NOBLE HIGH SCHOOL. Holy Quran, Hadeeths, Islamic History and other Islamic Studies are taught in each class according to a well prepared syllabus. High importance is given for Qiraath & Hifzul Quran.

    Along with the text book learning, our madrasa focuses on the cultural formation and holistic development of the students. The Diniyat Book has a significant role in this mission. Hence parents are requested to maintain and monitor this handbook throughout the year.