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    Classrooms :

    Practical classrooms are available for art, science, design,
    technology and music lessons.

    Science Lab :

    cience laboratories are equipped with modern scientific equipment to facilitate practical work necessary for senior examinations.

    Computer Lab :

    State-of-the-art computer labs provide access to advanced interactive technology throughout our schools at all stages. Students are acquainted with Information and Communications Technology at grass-roots level. The latest software as per the requirements of scert curriculum is also available for students.

    Mathematics Lab :

    With the help of Mathematics lab, students can learn cause-effect relationship in a fun and creative way. It’s a place where a huge collection of games, tools and teaching aids have been compiled to make learning mathematics an interesting experience. The ideal setting of the entire lab gives more scope for individual participation through different mathematical activities.

    Library :

    Our well stocked libraries support the curriculum and the reading programmes in our schools while encouraging students to carry out research at home.

    Co-curricular activities :

    The co curricular activities are designed to stimulate the interests of students in hobbies and provide opportunities for the development of inherent potentials. The school gives equal importance to co scholastic activities.

    House System :

    Every child is given an opportunity to bring out the best in him/her. The students have been divided into four houses for the purpose of providing good citizenship training to them. The four houses are Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Each house has a house master/house mistress house captain and vice captain. All competitions are conducted on an inter-house basis.

    Clubs :

    Giving every student a chance to empower his/her inner potential Different clubs like Eco-Club, Science Club, Arts Club, IT Club are formed in the school in connection with co curricular activities that give every student a chance to empower his/her inner potential.

    Students Magazines & News Paper :

    School publishes a printed capsule magazine FLASH NEWS regularly in addition to classroom wall magazine in all classes and a yearly school magazine. Students are encouraged to contribute stories, articles, drawings, poems etc.for the magazines. The school includes regular Dramatics in its curriculum to make learning easy and interesting. Star war is the most interesting programme to keep children for all positivities.

    Cultural Activities / Competitions :

    On cultural side, students get an opportunity to bring out their inherent talents in elocution, public speaking, writing, narrating stories, versifications, drawing, painting, music, singing, quizzing, debating, craft works etc.